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Machine learning is transforming industries, but businesses should be afraid of it. Transferring systems or integrating systems can lead to losses instead of gains. In some cases, businesses crumble when trying to innovate because their operations come to a screeching halt.

Implementation is Everything

There are a thousand offerings that can be sold to a business. Promises of automating expensive workflows sound great. Remember that when you are messing with important workflows there is much to lose, however. Businesses today know the importance of technology, but it’s good to keep in mind the importance of business as usual. Implementing new systems takes careful planning. Serving the customer today ensures the business will continue to serve customers tomorrow.

Start something great, something new, today for tomorrow.

Futuristic Products

That being said, there is much to gain from implementing the technology that already exists. Amazon has many awesome tools that, with that careful planning mentioned earlier, can maximize the potential of your business.

Now is time to talk about a few of them, and the implications that they bring. Keep in mind that this business (Sage Market) is all about innovating to use existing technologies to their maximum potential. I hope you will contact us through any of the channels below the header image to talk more about this.

Amazon Kendra

When I first heard about NoSQL databases, I was grateful that I had found a reason to slack off about learning SQL (I am happy to say I understand SQL databases).

Basically, a NoSQL database is a distributed database that is supposed to make it easier to query data, and I was taught in business school that it would have implications when it comes to unstructured data.

I think that a good analogy for this is Google. Google indexes and organizes lots of unstructured data and then decides what you mean when you search for something. When I took my second business analytics class they said that NoSQL was supposed to allow querying of data without using SQL, like Google.

Unstructured Data?

Let me back up a bit. What is unstructured data, and how does it differ from “structured data”? I back up like this because this is a very important point not only to the idea of NoSQL, but to the application of machine learning to querying databases. Extracting the truth from the data is easy when the labels give you the answer, but becomes much more difficult when the algorithm has to label the data itself.


Sage Market Technology Consulting

The real reason I got so excited when I heard about NoSQL was that it seemed that to create a NoSQL database (as the hype misinformed me), the unstructured data would need to somehow structure, or label itself. Otherwise, how could you query the data in a number of different ways and receive the same information? The query would need to contain a kernal of truth that the system could search for in the data.

Enter Amazon Kendra... (again)

So my interest in NoSQL has really just manifested itself in Amazon’s Kendra product. Instead of putting a bunch of effort into labeling and organizing your data so that it is available to the people who need to communicate it, gain from Amazon’s machine learning algorithm. Let it do as much heavy lifting as possible, and only after you find out what the tech can do should you invest more time and energy.

Clarify with an Example

I used to work for a Credit Union, answering the phone and talking to customers about their accounts. Surprisingly, customers would ask me, being paid close to minimum wage, about esoteric financial regulation. We were supposed to say, “Sir/Mad’am, I am not a financial advisor/accountant, and therefore cannot advise”, but I like to talk about esoteric financial regulations, strangely enough.

One day, a woman called and asked me about the title on a boat that she was going to purchase. It was different from a normal loan, however, because it had been owned by the Coast Guard. It had a special lean on it, called a Ship’s Preferred Mortgage, or something like that. You might think, there is no way anyone could know about that, but my boss pulled it out of thin air. I was jealous, but impressed. I found out later that he had just entered a slightly different search into our internal intranet, and it was written there in plain English.


You might be thinking to yourself, Hayden how does this relate to using machine learning to improve business processes? I’ll tell you how. When that person asked that question, a voice recognition software could have triggered a search into the internal database, using Amazon Kendra’s artificial intelligence to query and return the right information. Then, it could have just popped up on my screen.

I want to stress that this sort of technology could be possible for your application, too! With a little imagination and the right research, any business can implement these awesome tools with little to no risk. Then, benefit from the profits, give back to the community, and go down in history as generally awesome.

Who are you?

Thanks for reading this! I hope that you contact me to talk about how machine learning can be used to improve you business effectively and ethically. Also like us on Facebook and Instagram, or e-mail me directly.

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Elasticity & Agility on AWS

Value is a Value Prop

Sage Market is about adding value to your business by first applying existing technologies. This article is going to talk about a couple of the value proposition that Amazon Web Service’s technologies offer: agility and elasticity. More importantly it is going to discuss why these value propositions are important. By the time you finish reading this, I hope it will be clear why Sage Market is worth your time.

The plan for Sage Market is to become part of the Amazon Partner Network, among other things. This means Sage Market will be an Amazon affiliate, being knowledgable of the Amazon product catalog and experienced in deploying the solutions. Additionally, it will bring a breadth of knowledge about how to apply technology in other ways to grow and improve the business.

Amazon Products

Amazon Web Services is a suite of tools that allow businesses to take advantage of technology in some important ways. It allows you to serve your customers better because it offers agility and elasticity. Agility means that you can experiment quickly and cheaply. Elasticity means you can scale your business to meet surges in demand that might otherwise cause your system to crash. Let’s talk a little more about what this means, starting with agility.

Agility: Smart R&D

Businesses today face a seemingly insurmountable challenge: innovate or be squashed. You might say to me, “that’s all good and fine, but I’ve been around for 70 years. I have got nothing to worry about. Besides, I couldn’t put people out of work by innovating. That would be heartless.” To this, I shake my head and grimace.
Both political parties are growing tired of free trade and globalization, fueled by fear of the masses. They have a secret, though. As populism rises and manufacturing is incentivized in future legislation, state of the art plants will increase production.
These plants will, much to the dismay and surprise of the populist movement that hates losing their jobs, use automation and hire a fraction of the workers.


There will be new entrants that come into the market and compete with this state of the art capital, even if you don’t. They won’t even have employees that they would lay off with the new technology. They’ll sure have an incentive to automate your manufacturing business cheaply, though.
Any incumbent business owner who has benefited from competitive advantage to profit for years should be investigating how the recent tech boom will affect them. If they have even a shade of foresight they will be researching and experimenting with how they can use technological advancement to fend off the future of specialized labor that will be AI.
What is the best way to do this? Cheaply and with minimal risk, of course. This is what agility is. It is the ability to experiment with your finger on the pulse of your business, reading and analyzing your data in real time to pivot or embrace whatever it is your are experimenting with.
Amazon has tools to optimize this process. Now, agility is important, but how can this be possible? Elasticity and agility are so related it can be confusing to decouple them in the mind.
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Elasticity Universal Truth

Elasticity is being able to react to market activity in real time. It means scaling your activities in direct response to what your customers are doing. This is simply good customer service, but it is also cost effective.

Just as important to the bottom line as increasing sales by being responsive is to minimize costs. It is also great for the environment, so by being responsive to your customer you will save the planet and attract more customers.

Any business savvy individual knows that a dollar saved is a dollar earned. If you are chasing dollars for your business, whether that be for society’s good or to buy a new car to show off to your neighbor, there is no difference between a dollar from cost-cutting or sales-increasing. This is a universal truth.

Get Involved

If you are serious about staying relevant in the changing landscape, it is cheap to get started. I will work with you and create a quote for you and your business for free. If I can’t add value, I would not even think of charging a dime.

Additionally, I am looking for people that are ambitious about applying technology to change the world in a positive way. Sage Market is in it’s infancy, but it has a positive future, just like us. Check out our social media channels, or e-mail us at support@sagemarket.info.

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